QGeeM supper Speed USB 3.0 Printer Cable usb 3.0
QGeeM supper Speed USB 3.0 Printer Cable usb 3.0

QGeeM supper Speed USB 3.0 Printer Cable usb 3.0

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A(Male) to B(Male)




1. The USB A end will typically go into your computer or laptop with the USB B end connecting&
to an external device.The most common use is for printers although many devices can use the&
USB B connector such as external hard drives, photography equipment and servers.
2. Super Speed Transfer: Fast USB 3.0 cord supports high speed data transfer rate up to 5Gbps,&
it’s almost 10X faster than USB 2.0. It designed with 30-24 AWG cable is more thick than 32-24&
standard one that guarantees the speed of data transferring.
3. Universal Compatibility: Mainly used for desktop Hard Drive, also compatible with USB 3.0 HUB,&
scanner ,touch screen monitor ,USB 3.0 port replicator, USB 3.0 docking station, audio gear, Blu-ray&
burners, and more for B Male USB 3.0 port.
4. Perfect Fit: The combination of gold-plated connectors, bare copper conductors, and foil & braid&
shielding provides superior cable performance, error-free data transmission, and fast charging speed.
5. Built to the Highest Standards :Strong, Durable and Robust | Ensures Maximum Performance.New&
streamline ergonomic designed cable that provides you an excellent feeling of using experience comparing&
with other USB 3.0 A to B cable. This cable has been tested strictly and maximum bend can be over 10000&
times, so that ensures more stable performance and longer lifespan than original device cables.