Haylou LS11 RS4 Plus Smartwatch με Παλμογράφο (Μαύρο)


Κωδικός προϊόντος: SW-HAY-LS11-BK



1.78″ HD Retina AMOLED οθόνη , Πιστοποίηση αδιαβροχοποίησης IP68 , Μπαταρίας: 230mAh , Συμβατό: Android 6.0 / iOS 11.0 , Βάρος: 57.6g



Haylou LS11 RS4 Plus, a new generation of popular smart watches.

1.78 inch HD AMOLED display
The resolution of 368 x 448 pixels provides a 1.78″ display with a refresh rate of 60 Hz with perfect readability even in direct sunlight.

Adjustable magnetic strap
A strap with a smooth closure that will provide the best possibility of adjusting the circumference of the wrist.

Choosing your own theme that you will never get tired of
You can choose from more than a hundred backgrounds for the background of the watch display. There’s even an option to upload your own background photo.

105 modes for exercise
Haylou RS4 Plus have 105 sport modes. It can record real-time exercise data to help you track and improve your sports performance.

You will also measure the quality of your sleep
The percentage of deep sleep is a basic criterion of sleep quality. Haylou RS4 Plus actively monitors sleep time and status to help you develop good sleep habits.

SpO2 – blood oxygen level
With advanced blood oxygen measurement technology, you’ll always know how you’re doing. Whether you’ve been exercising intensively or just resting, always have an overview of how you’re doing §

Heart rate under control 24 hours a day
Haylou RS4 Plus can accurately detect your heart rate 24 hours a day, even during sports activities, during rest and even during sleep.

Stress monitoring and the female cycle
Haylou monitors your blood pressure throughout the day. Monitoring the female cycle is also a practical function for women.

IP68 resistance certification – water and dust
The watch has IP68 resistance certification. There is no need to take the watch off when washing your hands. Sweating during sports and running in the rain is not a problem either.

10 days of battery life on one full charge
The Haylou RS4 Plus packs a host of super-powerful features into its slim body, yet still provides enough battery life to last up to 10 days (on a single full charge in normal use).
With basic use, it lasts up to an incredible 28 days.

– Battery capacity 230 mAh
– Weight – 57.6 g (with strap)
– Strap width – 20 mm
– Bluetooth 5.1
– Dimensions – 45.2 x 37.2 x 10.4 mm