FORCELL Powerbank F- Energy P20k1 PD 20W QC 20000mah black
FORCELL Powerbank F- Energy P20k1 PD 20W QC 20000mah black

FORCELL Powerbank F- Energy P20k1 PD 20W QC 20000mah black

SKU: FOPB-200748

Κωδικός προϊόντος: FOPB-200748



PD 20 W , 20,000 mAh



Forcell is a European brand of GSM accessories that focuses on style and convenience. Its products are perfect for people who value high-quality and timeless design.

The P20k1 is a power bank that meets the highest quality and performance standards, allowing you to enjoy a reliable and efficient power source in any situation. Whether you are traveling or need support for your devices in everyday life, the F-Energy P20k1 answers your needs.

Efficient and practical
Equipped with two& USB-A ports and one& USB-C port, it allows simultaneous charging of up to three devices, making it a perfect companion for those who need a reliable power source during travels or daily use.

Abundant power supply
With a massive capacity of 20,000 mAh, this power bank will provide you with essential energy for an extended period. No need to worry about drained batteries at inconvenient moments – the P20k1 will always come to your rescue.

Fast charging
The power bank supports Quick Charge and Power Delivery fast-charging technologies, ensuring even faster charging of your devices and saving you valuable time.

Intuitive& LED& screen
The built-in& LED& screen lets you easily monitor the power bank’s charge level. This simple and convenient feature ensures you always know how much energy is left, avoiding unpleasant surprises.

Sleek design
The P20k1 power bank boasts an incredibly slim design, making it easy to store and carry. It comfortably fits in your pocket or purse, and its lightweight construction won’t burden you during your travels.

Allowed on board airplanes&
The F-Energy P20k1 power bank complies with airline carriers’ safety requirements and standards, allowing it to be legally carried on board airplanes.

The power bank features a 5-level protection system: protection against overheating, over-current, short circuit, and overcharging, over-voltage.

Model:& F-Energy P20k1
Capacity:& 20,000 mAh
Battery voltage:& 3,7 V
Energy:& 74 Wh
Total input:& PD 18 W/QC 18 W
Input ports:& Micro-USB& && USB-C
Total output:& PD 20 W&
USB-C +& USB-A: 5 V/3 A
USB-A 1 output (QC 3.0): 5 V/3 A, 9 V/2.0 A, 12 V/1.5 A
USB-A 2 output (QC 3.0): 5 V/3 A, 9 V/2.0 A, 12 V/1.5 A
USB-C output (PD + QC 3.0): 5 V/3 A, 9 V/2.2 A, 12 V/1.66 A
Cable:& USB-A to& USB-C&

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