Forcell Travel Charger GaN 2xUSB type C 1x USB PD and Quick Charge 4.0 function (65W)
Forcell Travel Charger GaN 2xUSB type C 1x USB PD and Quick Charge 4.0 function (65W)

Forcell Travel Charger GaN 2xUSB type C 1x USB PD and Quick Charge 4.0 function (65W)

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Forcell is a European brand of GSM accessories that focuses on style and convenience. Its products are perfect for people who value high-quality and timeless design.

Super fast multi-port power adapter Forcell GaN 65W can quickly charge three devices at a time.

It can also charge laptops
The power adapter can very quickly charge various devices, e.g. smartphones, iPhones, earbuds, tablets, laptops. It is equipped with two modern& USB-C ports and a classic& USB-A port, thanks to which you can simultaneously supply energy to three various electronic units.

Fast and safe charging
The power adapter supports quick-charge functions, that is Power Delivery and Quick Charge 4.0, thanks to which it not only assures fast power transmission but also provides protection to batteries of equipment powered.
Built-in protection systems secure it against short circuit and overvoltage.

One device instead of many
The power adapter lets you charge a few electronic devices at a time, for example a laptop, smartphone and earbuds. It can easily substitute for classic chargers. It can also perform perfectly during holidays when the access to sockets is limited and many devices need to be charged at the same time.

Big power in a compact device
The power adapter Forcel GaN 65W is a compact unit which offers high power transmission.
Instead of a standard silicon, GaN power adapters are based on gallium nitride which allows transmitting energy& a way faster, and automatically leads to faster charging. Simultaneously the nitride is a dozen times smaller than silicon, which makes devices substantially smaller than their traditional equivalents.GaN chargers are thus faster and smaller.
Note!& If the device supports a Quick Charge function, it is advisable to use a suitable cable, i.e. the one with high current permeability (5A).

Model ID:& TFK-TC-65WPD
Input voltage:& 110-240V~
Input frequency of alternating current: 50-60Hz, 1.5A
Output voltage:USB& A: 5V DC 3A, 9V DC 3A, 12V DC 2.5A, 20V DC 1,5A Max 30W, Type C: 5V DC 3A, 9V DC 3A, 12V DC 3A, 15V DC 3A, 20V DC 3,25A Max 65W
Output power:& 65W for& USB& C, 30W for& USB& A
Average efficiency during operation (50Hz):82,83%
Efficiency at low load (10%):72,28%
Efficiency at maximum load (100%):83,92%
Energy consumption without load:& 0.18W
Additionally:PD (Power Delivery) and Quick Charge 4.0 charging function
Cable:& not supplied

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